About me


My name is Gergely Vámosi-Nagy, I live in Érd. I have been dealing with wedding photography almost for 10 years. I believe that good wedding photos may help you    - even also after many years - to relive the moments of one of the most beautiful day of your life. In my opinion, besides the set photos taken for the family the small moments and glances – saying more than words - are also very important.

I believe that my many years experience and the professional equipment completed with a reserve equipment will guarantee for you taking photos of the important moments even also in case of an unexpected situation or a technical problem. Of course, the photos of the first moments of your joint lives will be taken and touched up later  in a style requested by you.

Anyone you choose as a photographer please keep in mind the following: „Cheap will be later very expensive!  - because memories of good quality will be living much longer than the short pleasure caused by low price.”

In my opinion I work at a rather fair price and you may easily ascertain about it  if you go to the „BID” item and ask for my personalized offer for you.

„The camera is my work tool. It helps me to give sense to the surrounding world.”

/André Kertész/